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Quote1.png The Gryphon is a unique device truly worthy of its pretentious acronym. The Genetic Realignment Yield, Polarity Harmonizing, Orientation Net. While conventional genetic engineering is limited to embryonic organisms. The Gryphon can remodel a fully developed organisms. Irrespective of age or genetic composition. Quote2.png
Hywell Griffin[src]

Created by Dr. Hywell Griffin, the Gryphon is a device capable of altering the genetic composition of fully developed organisms.[1]


The Genetic Realignment Yield Polarity Harmonizing Orientation Net,[1] or "Gryphon" was created by Dr. Hywell Griffin at the Griffin Research Complex in England.[2]

Following his escape from A.I.M., Lenz sought out the Gryphon to make more of his species. However, during the heist, Lenz and his minions were attacked by the Ogemans. While out on patrol, Crimson Crusader and Imp saw the fight and tried to intervene, but were attacked by both sides. In an attempt to stop the fight, the twins took the Gryphon and hid it in their secret headquarters beneath the family estate.[3] Unfortunately, Imp lost her cape during the battle, which led Lenz to Kay Cera in Spain and then to the rest of Clan Destine.[1][4]

Discovering the identities of ClanDestine, Lenz and his minions began attacking various family members and killed Maurice and Flo.[4] Eventually, Wallup, Hex, and the twins located the Griffin Research Complex and discovered the truth about the Gryphon.[3] Unfortunately, Rory was abducted by Lenz, forcing ClanDestine to try to trade the Gryphon for him. During the trade, the family was trapped and only saved by the arrival of Adam Destine.[2]

Walter and Dom attempted to return the Gryphon to the Griffin Technologies Research Complex, but the area was cordoned off due to an accidental fire that destroyed the entire underground facility.[5]

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