Genevieve was a mutant, born with telekinetic powers. Distressed by these unwanted powers, she began to work for Herbert Landon at the Brand Corporation, believing he was working on a cure for mutancy. At Landon's press conference, the Hobgoblin attacked the building and caused the roof to cave in. Spider-Man, who arrived to try and stop Hobgoblin, was saved when Genevieve used her telekinetic powers to stop the roof from collapsing on him. It later turned out that Landon's real intention was to create a serum to destroy all mutants, and Genevieve accepted that this was the best way to end the incurable disease. When a chain of events resulted in Landon mutating into a monstrous creature feeding on electricity, Genevieve saved Spider-Man once again as well as the X-Men by preventing their ship from crashing while they were trying to stop Landon. Beast revealed that he had suspected her mutancy for some time, and told her that he would introduce her to Professor Charles Xavier, who would help her to accept her mutant condition.


Telekinesis: Genevieve is able to control the movement of objects to a certain extent, and create a resistance on the force of gravity acting on an object, through the use of telekinesis.

Strength level

Norman human female.

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