Centuries ago, the man who would become the Genie had been a bad person, commiting great wrongs against his fellow man. For this reason, a curse was placed upon him transforming him into a Genie who was forced to grant the wishes of others. Much later, an old gypsy man threw away the bottle containing the Genie in Blackwood Marsh in the Southern United States. There he remained imprisioned for years until he was discovered by the ex-convict Freddy Sykes. Sykes was a lover of fairy tales and upon his release from prison researched the topic of genies until he found the story of the bottle being discarded in the Marsh. After weeks of searching, Sykes found the bottle and ordered the Genie to do some of the most outlandish and ridiculous things imaginable such as drying up the Atlantic Ocean and blotting out the sun to make people fear him. Sykes later got the idea in his head that if he was the Genie then he would no longer be dependent on someone else for his power, so he wished to trade places. Sykes did not realize, however, that he would now be forced to obey the master of the bottle and the Genie had him reverse all the bad that he had caused before forcing him back inside the bottle and leaving it once more in the swamp.[1]

The man who had been the Genie vowed to live a good and useful life in order to make up for his past wrongs, and hoped that in time Sykes would also learn his lesson.


As the Genie, he possessed the power to alter reality in whatever ways that his master desired. He was also capable of altering his size from small enough to fit inside of a bottle to that of a giant.


As the Genie, he was forced to do his master's bidding even if he was against it. His powers would only work while within Earth's atomosphere.

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