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Like Earth-98120's Songbird, Captain Marvel was drawn to Reality-616 by Rick Jones to take part in the Destiny War. This was from a slightly different point in the 98120 continuum, Songbird having been taken from after a battle between the Avengers and Oort's Solar Squadron, and Genis-Vell was taken while he was removing the corpse of Eon from Earth's solar system, having defeated a scheme by Ego the Living Planet with the aid of the Avengers. Both were returned to Earth-98120 at the conclusion of the Destiny War. They became a couple and eventually married sometime later, having two children together named Mimi and Ely-Vell.[3]

Later, when Morlun was hunting the Multiverse for Spider-Totems, he dropped into Earth-98120 to kill Spider-Man. Genis tried to stop him. Morlun sucked the cosmic energy from Genis, leaving him weak and defeated. After Miguel was killed, Morlun left that universe, leaving Captain America and Wolverine to take Genis to medbay and wonder who it was that had attacked and killed Miguel.[4]

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Seemingly those of the Genis-Vell of Earth-616.

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