Gennady Gravilov (Russian: Геннадий Дмитриевич Гаврилов) was a bright student, but had a habit of taking and hiding items. He was almost expelled from school for taking batteries.[3]

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Gennady also spent most of his time on the Internet messaging a "cajun angel." While working at Moscow State University, transporting boxes of paperworks from warehouses, Gennady came across a helmet from a prototype Crimson Dynamo armor made by the late Anton Vanko.[3]

He accidentally triggered the armor's activation via the helmet's remote control and homing mode. The armor went on a rampage throughout Russia in its attempt to get itself to the helmet while Gennady initial believed the helmet to be a virtual reality gaming system. Gennady learned from Vanko's notes that the armor builds an massive electromagnetic charge. Without special gauntlets, it would overload.[5]

Gennady was pursued by the rogue spy Alexandre Deveraux as well as the russian military who were all after the armor. With the help of Wayne Jennings, an arms inspector, Gennady was able to stop the armor. Anthony Stark offered his technical assistance if needed.[6]

Gennady managed to escape from the military with the armor via a railway using the armors maglev system.[2] He was later hired by Diablo in his plan to retrieve the Destroyer Armor and use its magic to become omnipotent, but they were finally defeated by Iron Man and Thor.[7]


None other than what is provided while piloting the Crimson Dynamo Armor


Crimson Dynamo Armor Mark II which can be piloted or controlled remotely with its helmet.


flight and maglev via the armor

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