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Genosha is a small island located north east of Madagascar on the eastern coast of Africa.

Mutant apartheid

Genosha was a thriving country, one of the richest in the world. However, the nation's wealth was due to using mutants as slaves. The government tested their citizens, and any mutants were stripped of basic rights.


Mutants in Genosha were the property of the state and children who were positively identified with the mutant gene were put through a process which stripped of free will and made into mutates. Developed by the Sugar Man and given to the Genegineer, the process was capable of modifying certain mutant abilities in order to fulfill specific labor shortages.

Citizenship in Genosha was permanent and the government did not recognize any emigration. Citizens who attempted to leave the country were tracked down and forcibly brought back to the island by the special police force known as Magistrates, and mutant problems were handled by a special group known as the Press Gang. The Press Gang consisted of Hawkshaw, Pipeline, and Punchout, and were aided in their task by Wipeout.

The foundations of Genoshan society was upset due to the efforts of outside mutant interests. Some members of the X-Men (Wolverine, Rogue, and their ally Madelyne Pryor) were kidnapped by Genoshan Magistrates, under the order of the Genegineer.

Later, the X-Men and their allies rescued their teammates, Storm, Meltdown, Rictor and Wolfsbane, from Genoshan brainwashing, toppling the government after discovering their alliance with former X-Factor ally turned mutant hater, Cameron Hodge, and that Havok was one of the Magistrates since having his memory wiped by the Siege Perilous. Havok himself, woken from his conditioning by his brother Cyclops killed Cameron Hodge in the process. Another ally, a member of the New Mutants named Warlock, was killed by Cameron Hodge. The news of this death was broadcast worldwide.

A new Genoshan regime that promised better treatment of mutants was put in place after Hodge's destruction. A period of general turmoil and a number of attacks by superhumans, including Magneto's Acolytes who were unwilling to forgive the former Genoshan government for its crimes against mutants, followed. The government X-Factor, including Wolfsbane, later returned to the island to help restore peace between its government and a rogue group of super-powered beings that had fled the island. The Genoshan government tried to undo the ill effects visited upon Wolfsbane.

Magneto's reign

The United Nations ceded the island nation to the powerful mutant Magneto after he demanded an entire mutants-only nation. Magneto and his Acolytes managed to reestablish a modicum of peace and stability only briefly until civil war broke out between him and the remaining human population on the island led by the Magistrates. Magneto eventually defeated the magistrates and restored order to most of the island, with hold-outs briefly remaining at Carrion Cove before being obliterated.

The elimination of the Legacy Virus gave Magneto a freshly healthy army, leading him to declare a campaign of global conquest. A small team of X-Men stopped this plan, badly injuring Magneto in the process.

The entire island was reduced to rubble and its mutant population was slain by Cassandra Nova's Sentinels. There were few survivors, many evacuated, and the Brotherhood of Mutants turned one of the Sentinels into a memorial statue. Foreign military forces threw up a cordon around the island; no one got in and those trying to leave were fired upon.

Xavier's leadership

Magneto and Xavier joined forces to rebuild Genosha. A few survivors and newly arriving mutants who wished to help with the rebuilding process remained on the island including Callisto, Freakshow and Wicked. There was a conflict with Magistrates, the island's former law enforcement. Though they were assisted by humanoid creatures they refered to as 'trolls', the Magistra's forces were driven off. Some of the Magistrates were captured and kept in the island's makeshift jail while others agreed to work with Xavier to rebuild the island. Unus the Untouchable and his squadron of mutants remained a problem as they didn't wish to be part of Xavier's group.

House of M

After the Scarlet Witch's nervous break-down Magneto snatched Wanda from her battle with her fellow Avengers and brought her to Genosha, where he asked Xavier to restore the Scarlet Witch’s sanity - but to no avail. Xavier couldn’t help her and, concerned of the threat to reality that Wanda posed, Xavier consulted the Avengers and the X-Men what to do with Magneto’s daughter. Their decision was rendered moot, though, as by the time they reached Genosha reality altered around the heroes - changing into the world ruled by the “House of M”. While conventional reality was eventually restored, it came at a high price, as thousands if not millions of Earth’s mutant population lost their powers or died in the process, leaving only a few hundred mutants alive and powered. Just like most of his new Genoshan allies and enemies, Magneto was among the de-powered people, remaining trapped on the island.

Quicksilver stole the Terrigen Crystals from the Inhumans in an attempt to give himself back his powers, and to give back the depowered mutants from M-Day their powers. The theft led to a conflict on Genosha between the re-powered mutants (whose powers came back as too powerful for their own good, and eventually surrendered), the Inhumans, and the U.S. Office of National Emergency (O.N.E.). The conflict ended with O.N.E. confiscating the Terrigen crystals, to which Black Bolt responded by verbally declaring war on the United States.


Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, and the same held true for the energies of the numerous depowered mutants. Eventually, these energies gathered in the form of an unsuspecting energy-absorbing mutant named Michael Pointer. “The Collective” fought the Avengers, and traveled to Genosha and reached out to the startled Magneto. The Collective, controlled by Xorn, attempted to restore Magneto’s powers and convince him to lead the remaining mutants into taking over the planet. To the Collective’s surprise, Magneto resisted and allowed the Avengers to separate the energy from his body and send it into the sun. The comatose Magneto was also taken into SHIELD custody, but the helicopter that was supposed to transport him off Genosha exploded once it lifted off. Magneto’s survived the explosion and remained depowered until the High Evolutionary's dangerous experiment returned his magnetic abilities. To date Genosha is now completely dead.


Selene travelled to Genosha with her followers who were resurrected by the Technarch transmode virus.

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