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The Mutates are mutants that were modified using a process created by the Genegineer, David Moreau on the island nation of Genosha. These mutates were used as slaves of the humans there.

When the mutates were freed, a government was formed with a mutant-human coalition, to avoid a Civil War. The Legacy Virus later affected "Genoshan mutates" more so than Genosia's human population.

As Magneto conquered Genosha, after Colossus sacrificed himself to cure the virus, the mutates gathered under his rule and joined his army in order to oppose the human world.

With the destruction of Genosha by Cassandra Nova's Wild Sentinels,[1] and the Decimation, the only referenced remaining Genoshan mutates are members of X-teams.

Alternate universes[]


A few Genoshan mutates escaped from Genosha and were saved by Magneto's army. Magnus, showing them to Charles Xavier, convinced him to free the Island.

During the attack, Xavier was transported into a prison, and worked to break their mental containment, allowing them to use their powers and recover their freedom by themselves.

They were eventually all freed when Magneto threatened the Magistrate Tam Anderson with crushing Genosha with a mountain, forcing their human forces to surrender.[2]

List of Genoshan Mutates[]

Here a list of the Genoshan Mutates.

Powers and Abilities


Depends on the original powers.


Often lack or absence of self-confidence, free will, due to the enslavement treatment.


Type of Government

Formerly slaves under the Magistrates' rule; Part of a human-mutant government; Ruled by Magneto


Please report to the list of the List of Genoshan Mutates on Earth-616, and the List of Genoshan Mutates.


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