Genrami was an Indian mirror maker who was loyal to the Imperial Japanese during World War II. Late in the war, he discovered a rare mineral known as Trilite, which would cause blindness in those who looked at it. Using Trilite in his Myriad of Mirrors attraction, he admitted American soldiers with the purpose of them going blind in the battle field. When this proved to be a success, he then began creating mirror sculptures which he intended to sell to American soldiers camped outside of town to strike more blind.

However, as he was preparing for this second sneak attack, Captain America and Bucky became wise to his operation and went to confront him. Genrami had his men overpower the heroes and had them locked in an air tight room surrounded with Trilite mirrors, mockingly leaving them some papers to read before going off to sell his hazardous wares to the soldiers. However, Captain America and Bucky soon freed themselves, and after obtaining a black light projector that could cure those blinded by Trilite, they rushed off to stop Genrami.

Fleeing, Genrami attempted to blind Captain America with a stronger Trilite mirror. However, Cap tackled his foe, knocking out Genrami's protective contact lenses. Looking into his own mirror, Genrami was instantly blinded and fell off a cliff to his death.

Captain America and Bucky then used the black light projector to cure all his victims.[1]


Genrami had special contacts that filtered out the blinding effects of Trilite, and also had a black light projector that could cure Trilite's effects in case of accidental blindness.


Genrami used mirrors that were coated with Trilite, a rare substance that caused blindness just by looking at it. How quickly the Trilite blinded it's victims depended on the quantity of the material used in the mirrors. Genrami had mirrors that caused blindness 24 hours after exposure as well as one that caused instant blindness.

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