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Some time following the battle with Destine, Namor McKenzie would meet up with the illustrious mutant instructor Professor Xavier whom asked the Submariner to join him on a walkabout to find and acclimate other mutants to their cause. One day they came across one such individual like them as he was being harassed by local law enforcement before being cut down by gunfire in Stony Plain, Alberta.[1]

This would not be the end of the mutant known as Genus however, for decades later during his rise in corporate America to tackle the issue of planet-wide pollution. Prince Namor would fall under the sway of a telepathic specter named Machan.

A guilt apparition erroneously created by Charles X whom would subtly push the dominant consciousnesses actions from behind the scenes while the former ran his company. Exhuming the body of the deceased Tim Rhodes the Machan entity would harvest his genetic tissue for the purpose of devising a long game plan for world conquest in Atlantis's name.[2]

He would use what came to be dubbed as the Genus Formula to transform willing Atlantean soldiers into base born homo sapiens and have them infiltrate world governments, alongside their corresponding societal branches to enable the better deployment of their grand scheme.[3]

War Ghosts

Not long afterward, Namor would once again declare war on the surface dwellers but use more indirect means of waging his conflict of colonial supremacy.[4]

Using the very same sleeper agents whom he'd supplanted within foreign military powers; the mad king, being coaxed into his manic behavior by Machan, would instigate a false flag operation wherein Atlantean sleeper agents stationed at a U.S. Naval Base in Portland (Maine) launched missiles targeting Atlantis.[5]

This justifying retaliatory defense in lite of the perpetration, allowing Atlantean aggressors to employ usage of their secret elixir via offshore missile strike to transform the surrounding populace into waterbreathers and stage a rescue operation. Annexing the now converted Atlantean citizenship seeing as they can no longer thrive on dry land.[3] Hearing wind of such a miraculous development of science, a major shareholder at Roxxon by the name of Simon Kaito sought to obtain the serum to use for his own purposes.[6]

The greedy cooperate worm sending a mercenary squad to procure the testing agent for him so he can buy off presidency over the larcenous company by selling it to the highest bidder.[2] But the plan went south as Captain Steven Rogers and Sargent Bucky Barns had infiltrated the undersea kingdom at the same time Roxxon launched it's pincer attack.[7]

In the ensuing pursuit a vial of the solution cracked and reverted Cap back to form while also rendering Namor human as well. The two would be stranded for some months but luck would smile upon them after finding the hidden laboratory where the thrives had taken the serum too.[8] Finding out what Roxxon scientists were doing with his handiwork would enrage Namor to no end. A brutal fight between an exo-mech pilot, worlds oldest soldier and the now mortal king of the sea would break out over whom would possess the formula. Quick thinking on Mr. Rogers part would restore Namor's mutantism once again, whom would go back to type by sicking maligned experimental subjects created by the compound upon their cruel lab techs.[8]

Once Machan had been disposed of and the global threat presented by Atlantis had been dealt with. Conflict between the American's and Atlanteans would finally die down, both sides falsely stating they destroyed their samples of the Genus Compound whence the converted citizens had been restored to normalcy.[9]

Battle for the Serpent Crown

While on a quest to retrieve a magical artifact before the genocidal madman can lay claim to ultimate power, under coaxing by Mephisto.[10] Conan the Cimmarian and a travel companion of his had taken a modified dose of the formula given by Princess Shuri, temporarily acquitting deep sea traversal in order to move through the ocean depths to secure it.[11]


The genus formula is a compound designed around the molecular biological transmutation process which the late mutant Genus's powers revolved around.[6] That being transforming men into cats, humans into mutants, animals into hideous chimera's, etc.[2]

Initial tests of the antigen would change anything not of human decent into baseline homo sapiens on a permanent basis, as secondary exposure to the newer chemical solution would not effect protoformal coverts to Atlantean state.[3] This process of special conversion was flawed however, as the concoction's conversion process was dangerously unstable without it's genetic donor to regulate the transformation process.

Without the Homo Superior subject said power worked around; the compound would become fatal to anyone whom partook of the solvent within a few hours time.[6]

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