Professor Crawford was a professor of physics at Desert State University. At one point, he had mentored Bruce Banner. Crawford had been developing a teleportation device. Subjects would enter the first pod. The system would then scan the occupant’s DNA and then transmit the occupant electronically to a second pod.[citation needed]

When Banner approached Crawford seeking a cure for his “Hulk condition.” Banner was surprised to find Crawford in a wheelchair; Crawford was suffering from a debilitating disease. He offered to use his device in an attempt to cure Banner. They did some preliminary scans of Bruce and planned to work together on it the following day.[citation needed]

During the night, Crawford snuck back to the lab and Banner followed him. At the lab, Banner discovered Crawford using his device to infuse himself with Banner's DNA. Crawford explained that he hoped to use the DNA to cure himself. Banner was unable to stop him and Crawford emerged from the second pod as a Hulk-like being. Crawford has retained his knowledge and intelligence but is enraged at Banner for trying to stop him. His attack transforms Banner into the Hulk. As the two battle, Crawford re-names himself Ravage. Ravage crushes the Hulk's neck causing him to black out. In the morning, Crawford is shocked to discover that he has reverted to human. Banner theorizes that this is the same effect he experienced after he was first transformed; transforming to human during the day.[citation needed]

Crawford arranges for Banner to be captured by General Ross and Major Talbot. Crawford spends the day studying the teleportation process. He uses a secret second pair of pods and is able to permanently transform himself into Ravage. After his success, he goes on a spree of destruction, mad with power. He returns to his lab where he finds Banner and Ross. Ravage destroyed the pods and any potential cure for Banner. Banner turns into the Hulk and the two battle. During their fight the building collapses on top of Ravage. When Ravage broke free of the remains, the army was waiting for him and froze him with a crypto-ray. Ravage is seen later held in stasis.[citation needed]


Ravage possesses superhuman strength, durability and regeneration.


Crawford is highly skilled in the field of physics.

Strength level

Ravage possesses vast superhuman strength, and is capable of lifting well over 100 tons. While Ravage does not posses the ability to gain strength with rage like the hulk, his level greatly supprasses a calm hulk's level, which is evident in their first fight.

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