Geoffrey Sydenham in 1941

In 1941, Captain America, Logan, Ivan Petrovich and Natasha Alianovna asked Geoffrey Sydenham for help, but he was actually a traitor who was allied with Baron Strucker. He took them as prisoners, believing the true destiny of the United States was to join with Germany in an Aryan hegemony against communism[1]. He was eventually defeated and went to jail on charges of treason and sedition.[2]

While in prison he was approached by Dormammu who agreed to teach him the dark arts. Dormammu convinced Sydenham that it was more useful to recruit enemies to work for him in his greater struggle against communist Russia. As such, when he was released, Sydenham began recruiting former Nazi operatives into his new organization ICON. To this end, he recruited such Nazi superhumans as Baron Blood, Brain Drain, the Ubermadchen and many others to put his plan into action.[3] He managed to get the backing of American Senator Sanford, who agreed with Sydenham about the threat of the Russians to the American way of life. The undersecretary also tried to assassinate Nick Fury's Avengers, but they all managed to survive[4].

Sydenham also kidnapped T'Chaka, the ruler of the secret African nation of Wakanda, in order to ensure that country's compliance in the upcoming war.[5] He later sent his ICON operatives to the technologically advanced nation in an attempt to pillage its futuristic technology to use in their war against the Russians. This plan was foiled, however, by the Avengers.[3] Sydenham was finally defeated when the Avengers teleported to Washington D.C. and soundly beat the last of his super-powered followers. Powell McTeague then ensnared a fleeing Sydenham in mystical chains and turned him over to the authorities. He was soon released by a government sub-committee headed by Senator Sanford who opted not to persecute him in exchange for him revealing the location of T'Chaka. Sydenham was last seen in Greenwich Village again using his black magic for some unspecified purpose.[5] His subsequent activities are as yet unrevealed.


Sydenham appears to possess some magical talents that were taught to him by the Dread Dormammu. These powers include, but are not limited to, his ability to teleport items and individuals.

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