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George Baker, or D.O.A. as he is better known, is a mutated human created by his master, Emplate.[citation needed] He works as his loyal butler and valet, but other than that, not much is known about him.[citation needed]

When Emplate was still determined to find Penance, he formed a team of mutants, that due to their status as Emplate's Hellions, D.O.A. joined and worked for his master to hunt down the missing mutant girl. During the battle with Generation X, the team was defeated, but Emplate and D.O.A. managed escape.[3]

D.O.A. was the lone, loyal servant of his master when they captured Bling!. The young mutant tried to escape by using her powers to release diamond shards, and one of them struck D.O.A. in the head, but due to his mysterious powers, he survived. After Rogue's intervention, however, Bling! was rescued and D.O.A. was cast with Emplate back to their dimension.[4][5]

After Emplate posessed Monet, she settled down in an abandoned subway car beneath Central Park. At that point, D.O.A. was back serving his master and would regularly capture Morlocks for them to feed on.[2]



  • Energy Vampire: D.O.A. is an energy vampire like his master, but is also a slave, subordinate to Emplate's will, possibly due to the same mechanism which allows Emplate to achieve a measure of psychic control over his victims' mind after partially draining their energy.[citation needed]
  • Superhuman Durability: D.O.A. possesses rock-hard skin that it makes him highly resilient to injury.[citation needed]

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