George Pérez was an artist for Marvel Comics, who were officially licensed to create comic books based on the exploits of super-heroes that exist in their world. His first recorded appearance was when he was spending time in New York's Lower East Side with his colleague Bill Mantlo. [1]. He later witnessed Thor and Moondragon as they flew off on Avengers business. [2].

George Pérez and Roy Thomas had trouble with an issue of Fantastic Four - as the Fantastic Four themselves were in outer space, they could not report their findings for Pérez and Thomas to report those and, with the deadlines approaching, Joe Sinnott needed their input to write. They asked Stan Lee for a solution and, when consulting visiting luminary Jack Kirby, the later suggested them to make up a story, something they considered but Lee rejected on principle. The office was then assaulted by the Impossible Man, who wanted to appear in a comic-book, but Lee was against this because Impossible Man comics had received bad criticisms in the past. Impossible Man turned violent, and Pérez and Thomas had to protect Lee from damage. Finally, the Fantastic Four forced Lee to reconsider his position and approve an Impossible Man special issue but, as soon as they all left, Lee took down his promise made under duress.[3]

Pérez later accompanied Mark Gruenwald to an exhibition of Alicia Master's latest sculptures, witnessing the Fantastic Four's Thing and the Impossible Man battle the Terrible Trio. [4] He was later seen working with writer Kurt Busiek on a new Avengers story involving the exploits of Wonder Man and the Beast. [5]

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