Captain Airstrip-One attended the funeral of Merlyn on Otherworld.

He was accidentally rendered into a catatonic state on a visit back to his home world. While attending a parade for the ruling party, an official -- feeling philosophical -- was espousing upon the nature of power when he told Captain Airstrip-One to imagine a boot stamping on a man's face forever. Interpreting this as an order, the Captain began visualizing exactly that and became oblivious to all else happening around him.

  • Named after George Orwell (the author of the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four), and Winston Smith (the protagonist of the same novel).
    • His alias, "Airstrip-One", is a reference to the area of the same name in Nineteen Eighty-Four, which used to be the area of England, Britain, located in the state of Oceania.
  • Aside from sharing the same unremarkable name, there is no indication that Captain Airstrip-One is Earth-744's counterpart to Earth-616's Stunt-Master.

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