Captain George Stacy is a police captain for the New York police. When his daughter Gwen changed schools, he was worried about her making new friends. She introduced him to Peter Parker, calling him the "smartest guy around." Two officers ran by, saying an armed robbery is taking place by the park. Captain Stacy and the officers hid behind a park bench while they assessed the situation. Spider-Man showed up and stopped the robbery by saving the hostages and knocking the thieves unconscious. Spider-Man gloated over his victory, calling himself the "smartest guy around." Captain Stacy realized that Spider-Man was quoting Gwen and suspected that Peter was really Spider-Man.[1]

As part of his raid against the Mafia, Captain Stacy moved to arrest Tombstone with some backup. Spider-Man and Captain America, thinking he was facing the mobsters alone, jumped in to help Stacy with the arrests. Stacy confirmed Spider-Man's secret identity as Peter Parker by asking if Gwen could borrow his math homework.[2]

Captain Stacy investigated Cloak and Dagger's arrest of the Torino gangsters. Not sure if the duo was in New York City for trouble or not, Stacy called Peter Parker and asked him if Spider-Man could help with the case. Spider-Man eventually agreed, but told Stacy to lay off with the "implied threats."[3]

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