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Quote1 Be good to her-- son! Be good-- to her. She loves you-- so very --much. Quote2
George Stacy[src]


Early Life[]

Captain George Stacy was once a prominent member of the New York City Police Department, who lived in the Queens borough of New York City, New York along with his wife, Helen, and daughter, Gwen.

Captain George Stacy was one of the police detectives brought in to investigate and track down a mysterious serial killer. Captain Stacy's brother Arthur Stacy had a theory about superhumans being created and born, which would soon take over society as they knew it. George Stacy shrugged off the idea as a fantasy, much to his later regret.

Captain Stacy was called to the Oscorp site when a police officer was attacked by a creature lurking around the grounds. Captain Stacy on the CEO’s Norman Osborn request as refused any one else from the department to visit. Captain Stacy requested from Osborn that new head of security escort his own brother Arthur Stacy.

George Stacy (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Vol 1 -1 0001

Captain Stacy and his brother entered the building with an armed platoon of police officers looking for the mysterious assailant. They were brutally attacked by a shadowy goblin like creature with sharp claws. The mysterious creature escaped but Captain Stacy discovered a bunch of red fluid on the floor. Arthur stays on site when his brother leaves and on his rounds he found an Oscorp employee badge on the floor belonging to Dr. Nels van Adder.

Arthur Stacy tried to find a connection between Dr. van Adder and the creature so he confronted Norman Osborn about it. Norman Osborn told him that Dr. van Adder was a disgruntled employee and was fired many months ago. This did not stop Arthur Stacy's questioning as it did not explain why Dr. van Adder’s badge was found lying on the floor. Norman Osborn left to get away from his meddling employee.

George Stacy (Earth-616), Arthur Stacy (Earth-616), Nels van Adder (Earth-616), and Norman Osborn (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Vol 1 -1 0001

Osborn sat in a laboratory, frustrated that he couldn't locate the missing notes from his former partner, Dr. Mendel Stromm. Osborn was the interrupted by a red goblin-like beast, who was revealed to be a mutated Dr. van Adder. The mutated researcher confronted Osborn, and tried to explain what happened, and how he used himself a guinea pig he can never return home to his beloved wife. The Proto-Goblin reveals that he killed the two men by mistake and regretted his action blaming on the transformation.

Arthur tried to do his own research into the scientist and noticed that there was never any termination papers filed for a Dr. Nels Van Adder. Captain Stacy and his brother traveled to Oscorp to confront Norman Osborn, but they found the Proto-Goblin about to attack him. The two brothers tried to stop the creature, but bullets did not seem to have an effect on his tough hide. Arthur finally tried to knock the Proto-Goblin through a window where he fell into a nearby river. It was during the fight that George damaged his leg.

George Stacy (Earth-616), Arthur Stacy (Earth-616), and Nels van Adder (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Vol 1 -1 0001

While his leg was being treated, Norman Osborn explained to the brothers that Dr. Van Adder was a former research assistant of Dr. Mendel Stromm who he was no longer in business with. Norman Osborn explained how Dr. van Adder was experimenting with some biotechnology developed by Dr. Stromm and him, and used this to mutate himself.[5]


After many years of service he retired due to his leg injury and to spend time with his family. Even in retirement, Captain Stacy kept in contact with the police department as he had taken an interest in the activities of the crime fighter Spider-Man. Captain Stacy, unlike the rest of the police department and the city, was a strong supporter of Spider-Man.

George Stacy (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 88 0001

Coming out of Retirement[]

Colonel John Jameson contacted Stacy and asked him to come out of retirement to help him track down and find the Stolen device called the Nullifier.[6] This weapon could be used to shutdown any electrical device in the area. Doctor Octopus had used Spider-Man to steal for him whilst in an amnesiac state.[7] When talking to Peter he admitted to him he had been studying Spider-Man and was very impressed with his photographs of the wall-crawler. He and Peter then became close friends and Stacy encouraged him to continue his relationship with Gwen.[8]

Peter went to the police station and told Captain Stacy that he was kidnapped by Spider-Man, who had amnesia and was tricked into being partners with Dr. Octopus. Dr. Winkler, a club owner, started using his brainwashing techniques to help further his criminal organization. When Peter and his friends visited the club Captain Stacy became brainwashed. Gwen began to worry about her father when he didn't return after stepping outside. Peter, also finding it suspicious, decided to go look for him but as Spider-Man. Spidey went in back and caught Winkler in the process of brainwashing George Stacy, but before Spider-Man could stop him, he was grabbed by Winkler's employer, the Kingpin.[9]

Battling the Kingpin[]

While trying to stop the Kingpin's man Dr. Winkler from using a brainwash device on George Stacy, Spider-Man was attacked by the Kingpin. Their fight ended with Spider-Man being thrown into one of the machines, and the resulting jolt blurred his vision enough to make him ineffective in a fight and so he fled. The Kingpin managed to complete his brainwashing and let George go. George Met up with Gwen and Harry who were told by Mary Jane about Spider-Man's appearance at the club; George alleviated any concern they have about what happened. When Peter tried to confront George as Peter Parker, George attacked him forcing Peter to defend himself. Gwen walked in on the situation, and her father accused Peter of going mad and attacking him. Gwen wouldn't listen to anything Peter said and demanded that he leave. When George was left alone again, he called the Kingpin to advise him that Parker knew the truth. The Kingpin then sent some men after Peter, though when they arrive only Harry was at home so they instead wrecked Peter and Harry's apartment. Deciding enough is enough, Peter decided to trail George as Spider-Man and learn what the Kingpin had ordered him to do. Spider-Man photographed George going into police headquarters and trying to steal top secret documents. However, he tried to stop them but was knocked out by George, and they escaped. With evidence proving that George Stacy tried to steal these documents, Peter thought over the moral dilemma he was in. He decided to sell the photos over to the Daily Bugle, and Gwen was shocked to find the story on the front page, and that Peter was the one who took the pictures.[10]

George Stacy (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 73 0001

When Gwen confronted her father about his involvement in the attempted theft of top secret plans, his brainwashing wore off and he told her the truth of what happened. With George wanted by the police and slated to be killed by the Kingpin's men, they decided to try and flee the city. Peter (having deduced they may be in trouble from the Kingpin's men) came to their rescue, but arrived to find their home full of the Kingpin's goons. When Spidey defeated them, he found that they have also been brainwashed and were useless for getting anymore information from Kingpin. The Kingpin demanded the death of the Stacys and Peter Parker, the only people that could pin this crime on the Kingpin. As Peter developed a special gas mask to protect him from the Kingpin's gases and began searching for any clue to his hideout, his men managed to stop Gwen and George at the airport. They were taken back to Osborn Industries, and were about to be killed by a giant vat of a boiling hot chemical. This was interrupted by the arrival of both Norman Osborn and Spider-Man. The two fought off the Kingpin and his goons, and while Winkler was killed, and the Kingpin escaped, Spider-Man saved Gwen and George from a painful death. Afterwards, the true story came out and with Osborn's corroboration of the events, George Stacy's name was cleared of any wrongdoing.[11] Captain Stacy helped Spider-Man again when he battled the Inhuman Medusa.[12]

Richard Raleigh[]

Richard Raleigh was on television with a cry for union against the city's underworld who were obviously trying to intimidate him from running for mayor, he put on a show that made him seem like a common man who has the city's interest at heart. However, after the cameras stop rolling, he showed his true colors as a power-hungry egomaniac who has his own interests at heart. Atop of his interest was to destroy Spider-Man and former Police Captain, George Stacy, who was looking into his background. It was revealed that Raleigh was behind the cyborg Man Monster and his creator, Dr. Thraxton. Peter and Gwen witnessed the Man Monster attack the home of Capt. Stacy. Peter sent Gwen for help and then changed into Spider-Man in an attempt to save Mr. Stacy. The fight was carried on to Raleigh's house, which Spidey figured out must be behind the creature. He brought the fight into the Raleigh house where Raleigh used the pain control apparatus he uses, to keep the Man Monster compliant to his will, a little too much and damaged it beyond repair. The creature turned on Raleigh and Dr. Thraxton, killing them both. Spidey finished the fight with a vicious side-hand smash to the creatures neck, apparently killing the creature. Spidey left as he heard approaching sirens and was seen by Jameson, which he predicts correctly, will use his paper to call him the killer of Raleigh.[13]

Arrest of Spider-Man[]

While Peter made a meeting with George Stacy, and Norman Osborn continues to struggle with reemerging memories of being the Green Goblin, the two Vultures Adrian Toomes and Blackie Drago fight high over the city.[14] Later, Gwen was told by her father (whose memories from when he was brainwashed had come back) that Peter never attacked him when he was under the Kingpin's influence, which brought Gwen happiness as she hoped to patch things up with Peter.[15] Having passed out in the middle of the street following his fight with the Vulture, Spider-Man was taken into police custody, but George insured that Spider-Man's mask was not removed. Spider-Man was transported to the local prison and put in the infirmary where he was to be questioned when he was revived. However this never happened as the prisoners took over the prison and held George Stacy hostage. Spider-Man was revived and fought through all the cons and freed George. Afterwards, George tried to appeal to Spider-Man to stay for questioning, and to reveal his identity and try and prove that he was not a criminal. Spider-Man refused, concerned for his Aunt May's safety should his identity become public knowledge. Spider-Man then left.[16]

Lifeline Tablet[]

When Spider-Man is hunting the city for Kingpin, Gwen Stacy arrived at the police station and slapped one of the protesters in the face when he called Peter a coward. When she told her father about it, he asked her if maybe she was more worried that it was true, a question which Gwen wasn't sure of the answer.[17] While at police headquarters, Captain Stacy accompanied the ESU dean as he met with the protesters who had been arrested, and the dean informed them that he has decided to allow the Ex Hall to become a dorm for underprivileged students.[18] Peter then changed into Spider-Man, and delivered the Lifeline Tablet to George.[19]

The Shocker returned and his first theft is of the clay tablet in the possession of George Stacy. After easily knocking out George, the Shocker stole the tablet from George's safe. He then sought his underworld connection and informed him that he will sell the tablet to the highest bidder.[20] Spider-Man went to the Stacy home to ask George if he could provide any clues about where the Shocker may have taken the tablet. After overhearing Gwen talking about Peter to her father, Spider-Man makes his presence known to Stacy, after some consideration George gives Spider-Man the only lead he can think of: The address of the Shocker's ex-girlfriend.[21]

Before going out on a date Peter and Gwen are interrupted by George Stacy and Joe Robertson, who had been talking about Spider-Man. George asks Peter to come back sometime soon and discuss what he knows about Spider-Man, having taken so many pictures of the wall crawler.[22]

The Chameleon[]

After a fight Peter called Gwen to apologize. The two made up and agreed to go to the Midtown Museum exhibit that her father was in charge of guarding priceless paintings. When Peter and Gwen steal a kiss, Peter's spider-sense goes off but it appears to only be George Stacy, although Peter found it strange that George walked by as if he didn't recognize it. When the painting that was on display turned out to have been stolen, Peter and Gwen realize that George was nowhere to be found. They rushed back to the Stacy home where they find a dazed and confused George Stacy with no recollection of making it out to the museum. In reality, the "George Stacy" at the museum was really the Chameleon, who had disguised himself as Stacy to steal the painting.[23]


Jameson got Joe Robertson and George Stacy to join him for that evening's taping of the Midnight Show, featuring Spider-Man in a makeshift costume, but were attacked by Electro.[24]

Gwen Hospitalized[]

When Gwen was injured by the Kingpin she was sent to hospital and kept in a stable condition. Gwen had just come out of her coma and was upset that Peter wasn't there by her side. She asked her father to escort Peter away. As they left, George tried to console Peter telling him that Gwen would be in a better mood the next day. Before leaving, Peter almost lets slip to George that he was really Spider-Man, before catching himself and quickly departing.[25] When Spider-Man was about to enter his apartment when he was spying on Harry Osborn, Gwen and George Stacy were there waiting for him. Sneaking some clothing, Spider-Man changed back into Peter Parker and entered the apartment. When Gwen saw the bruises on his face, she demanded to know what sort of trouble he was in. When Peter wasn't forthcoming with answers, she told him not to call her until he could promise not to get involved with Spider-Man ever again, and left with her father.[26]

The Truth Revealed[]

After a few years George started to suspect that Peter Parker and Spider-Man were one and the same person. His suspicions were confirmed when Peter in a feverish state admitted he was Spider-Man. When George pointed out that Peter was feverish and sick, Peter realized that he was putting Gwen through enough distress to cause hysteria and flees. When Peter found out what he said he tried to trick his friend by having the Prowler pretend to be Spider-Man. Captain Stacy was the only one not fooled by the ruse but respected Peter's choice to hide his identity.[27]

Peter Parker (Earth-616) and George Stacy (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 90 0001

Death of Stacy


Captain Stacy witnessed another battle between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus.[28] A crowd had gathered when large bits of concrete started to fall. Captain Stacy was then killed when he was crushed by falling debris while saving a small child. Before he died he revealed to Spider-Man that he knew he was secretly Peter Parker. Captain Stacy's final words were "Be good to her, son! Be good to her. She loves you so very much".[2] Later, his daughter Gwen was also killed.[29]

Peter Parker, George Stacy and Gwendoline Stacy (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 700 0001

Peter's Memory[]

Peter has encountered Captain Stacy in a type of dream heaven a couple of times. The first such time, he scolded Peter for letting his daughter die, saying that he had one job to do.[30] The second time was after Peter fainted while trapped in Dr. Octopus' body. After Silver Sable said Peter failed because he didn't let Octavius die, he patted Peter on the shoulder and reassured him and told him not to listen to Sable, saying that if he had let Dr. Octopus die he wouldn't be Spider-Man. Peter turned around and saw Captain George Stacy and Gwen Stacy. Peter immediately started apologizing but Captain Stacy stopped him and once again reassured him that he had never faltered from the right path.[31] Later still, Dr. Octopus, inhabiting Peter's body, decided to enter Peter's inner world himself to finish the persona of Parker personally. Once inside, Peter revealed that Otto made a big mistake coming, as Peter's friends and family (including Captain Stacy) began to appear out of nowhere, restraining Otto. However, Otto conjured up some of Peter's villains, who start murdering the memories of his supporting cast. Otto strangled the memory of Captain Stacy himself.[32] Assumedly, when Peter regained control of his body and memories, he also regained the memory of George Stacy.[33]

Dead No More[]

More than a decade after his death, the Jackal brought George Stacy back to life (as a clone with all of his memories intact) in order to convince the also newly-revived Gwen to join New U Technologies.[3] The George Stacy clone later died from clone degeneration.[4]

Across the Spider-Verse[]

A representation of George's death was shown by Miguel O'Hara to help explain canon events to Miles Morales.[34]


Power Grid[37]
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An excellent policeman who rose to the highest levels:

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: George Stacy served in the United States military and was trained in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Law: George Stacy is proficient in all aspects of criminal detective work and police procedural matters. He also has a keen instinct in regards to the political aspects of managing the New York City Police Department.
  • Investigation: George Stacy was one of the first of only a handful of people to deduce Peter Parker's secret identity as Spider-Man.
  • Indomitable Will: He has also shown remarkable strength of will and an ability to maintain his mental fortitude and sanity in situations when other people would have cracked.[16] He has also been described as "incorruptible."[35]
  • Leadership: He is also an expert leader.
  • Firearms Captain Stacy is proficient in the use of assigned weapon provided by the NYPD.
  • Military Protocol: In his youth, George Stacy served in the United States military.


Pill Dependence: After being revived as a clone, in order to avoid cellular degradation Stacy had to ingest New U Pills daily.[3]



NYPD Standard Issue


Police Car


  • George Stacy, his daughter, and his grandson have the initials "G.S".


  • George Stacy was one of the first of only a handful of people to deduce Peter Parker's secret identity as Spider-Man.

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