George Stacy's personal history was exactly the same as George Stacy's of Earth-616.[1]

NYPD Officer George Stacy met musician Helen Vogel at a peace protest, and the two fell in love. Shortly after their marriage, the two moved to Queens where Helen gave birth to their daughter Gwen. As a freshman in the Empire State University Gwen met and developed a romantic relationship with Peter Parker. Captain Stacy soon deduced that Peter was in fact the masked crimefighter known as Spider-Man, of which his daughter was unaware. One night during the fight between Spider-Man with Doctor Octopus, Captain Stacy gave up his life to shield a child from falling concrete debris. Before he died, Stacy revealed to Spider-Man that he knew his identity and asked him to look after his daughter. Unfortunately, both the public and Gwen came to wrongly blame the Spider-Man for Captain Stacy's death.[1]

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