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Georges Baptiste became the Wendigo when trying to free his friend Paul Cartier from the Wendigo curse.[1] Baptiste eluded capture due to the ongoing conflict between the Hulk and Wolverine.[2]

Baptiste's Wendigo went undetected for months, turning up when he began attacking campers near Hudson Bay. Vindicator, Shaman and Snowbird were dispatched to find and capture the Wendigo. Wolverine, along with his fellow X-Man Nightcrawler, joined the hunt.[3] Working together, they were able to capture the Wendigo, free his captives and Shaman was able to then cure him of his curse. Georges Baptiste was then placed under arrest for the crimes he committed as the Wendigo as he had knowingly taken the form.[4]



The Wendigo is immune to all natural diseases and aging and may even have a healing factor thanks to its magical nature. It also has enhanced senses, strength, and reflexes. Seemingly the same abilities as Cartier possessed.

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