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Batroc the Leaper was one of the villains Spider-Man faced in his first year of superhero career. He is so off the radar than even S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't have a real file on him all that is known about him is that "he is French and he leaps."[1]

Why I Hate Gym

Batroc battled Spider-Man and White Tiger. His leaping ability allows him to scale up vertical walls, providing that they have footholds for him to brace his feet against.[2]


Batroc during another crime is stalked by a shadowy figure he believes is Spider-Man and after a few near misses Batroc surrenders, only to learn his attacker is not Spider-Man but Venom. Peter at home receives a message from Nick Fury. When Peter went down stairs he heard on the news about Batroc's beating, as J.J Jameson bad mouths the wall-crawler.[3]


During the blackout created by Electro, Batroc used this as an opportunity to steal from people trapped on the Brooklyn Bridge. When the team confronted him he easily escaped. He was later taken down by Spider-Man when Batroc believed he had committed the crime of the century stealing some jewel but was annoyed when he saw Electro conquering the city. Distracted Spider-Man took him out with one punch.[4]


During a fight against Spider-Man, Batroc was flung into a Daily Bugle jumbo screen, and knocked unconscious.[5]

The Incredible Spider-Man

Spider-Man fights Batroc across the city while J. Jonah Jameson rants about Spider-Man. The New Yorkers even attack Spider-Man due to their believing of Jameson's claims about him being a menace. At one point Batroc even mocks Spider-Man, pointing out that while he's the one who's committed a crime, it's him they hate. Spider-Man manages to web up Batroc the Leaper. [6]



Master Martial Artist: He has mastered numerous types of martial arts. He is known as the world's master of savate, the French art of foot-fighting.


  • Every time Batroc appears, an annoying accordion sound can be heard.
  • Batroc, the Leaper appears in Spider-Man's imagination throughout the series.[7][8][9]


  • Batroc featured in the Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures comic.[10]

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