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Georges Batroc was a member of the French intelligence agency DGSE, where he completed 36 kill missions.[2]

At some point, he became a mercenary and the most wanted fugitive of Interpol, in their top red notice.[3] He was secretly hired by Nick Fury to hijack a S.H.I.E.L.D. ship to provide a cover for Black Widow to discreetly retrieve confidential files during an apparent rescue mission.

Batroc fought Captain America in the ship, but was defeated in hand-to-hand combat and knocked unconscious. Before being arrested, he woke up and threw an explosive at Captain America, and used the explosion as a cover to escape. He was later found in a safehouse in Algiers and captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. authorities.[4]

Batroc continued to work as a mercenary. Years later one of his mission was interrupted and a person he had kidnapped was rescued by Falcon.[5] Batroc lost a lot of money because of it, so, when Power Broker offered him a chance for revenge, Batroc agreed.[6] He joined the Flag Smashers on their last mission and intercepted Falcon, but wasn't able to delay him for long. When Smashers' mission failed, Batroc covered their retreat. He pursued Karli Morgenthau and arrived just in time to learn Power Broker's true identity. He tried to blackmail Broker for more money for keeping silence, but was killed instead.[1]



Acrobat: Batroc is an accomplished gymnast and tumbler.

Martial arts: Master of French kickboxing, also known as savate.


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