Georgeville was a town in Iowa near which the Avengers confronted Bruce Banner to arrest him. After Banner turned into the Hulk and engaged the Avengers, Captain Marvel left the battle to organize evacuation efforts.

Due to the Hulk's booldthirst because of his possession by the One Below All, Iron Man saw no choice but to deploy the Helios Laser against the reservations of his teammates. After all civilians had been evacuated and only the Hulk remained in the laser's range, Iron Man deployed the weapon, killing the Hulk, but levelling the town in the process, reducing it to a crater.[1]

Months later, Georgeville was in the process of being rebuilt. After the Hulk had become a national hero for defeating Xemnu, the Mayor of Georgeville extended him a personal invitation. The Mayor held a press event to have the Hulk help build a house. During the event, Hulk's friend Rick Jones, who was being mentally controlled by the Leader, used his powers to overload the Hulk with gamma radiation, causing him to detonate.[2] The town was obliterated once again due to this incident. Only a few members of the press survived due to Jones shielding them from the radiation.[3]

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