Gerald Carr, called the "Triggerman," is a Delta City mob enforcer and enemy of the city's inept protector, Fight Man. He holds the record for most arrests in the history of the city, and insists on wearing a domino mask when out on a job despite the fact that his identity is now common knowledge.[1]

Carr teamed up with Metalhead and Glass-Eye Freddie to mug a woman in an alleyway, but was effortlessly defeated when his victim reluctantly called for Fight-Man. However, the three enforcers from final mobs working together provided Fight Man with his first clue that someone was attempting to unite all of Delta City's underworld. [2]





Triggerman Carr was given a brief backstory on Evan Dorkin's tumblr, where he published the notes on Fight-Man's supporting cast that he gave to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe writers.

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