Quote1 Mom's old coustume didn't really appeal to me... so I pattered myself after my boyhood idol! Quote2
-- Gerry Drew

Jessica Drew, the original Spider-Woman, had retired from superheroics, and gotten married. Later, she gave birth to a baby boy. When Gerald "Gerry" Drew was born, he was diagnosised with a strange blood-borne disorder due to radiation exposure in the womb. Apparently, Jessica's powers had harmed her unborn child. When doctors and medicines were unable to help her son, Jessica recreated the experiment that cured her of her radiation poisoning, the experiment that made her Spider-Woman. The experiment imbued young Gerry with spider-like powers, but didn't cure him. The trauma caused by Gerry's illness caused his parents to split up. Young Gerry felt that it was his fault that his parents divorced, and became withdrawn. Jessica tried to allieviate his pain by telling him stories from her past, his favorites involved Spider-Man.

Gerald Drew (Earth-982)

As Spider-Man

Determined to make his short time on Earth count, Gerry designed his own Spider-Man costume and convinced his mother to train him in how to use his powers. On his first trial as Spider-Man, Gerry dropped by the Daily Bugle and shocked both J. Jonah Jameson and Peter Parker (the original Spider-Man) with "the return of Spider-Man". Soon after, Spider-Man met Spider-Girl and the two did not get along. During one fight between several villains, Spider-Girl and the new Spider-Man got in each other's way to the point that the villain Crazy 8 died when he was shot by a bullet intended for Spider-Man (but Spider-Girl shoved him out of its way). Upset by the fact that he was responsible for Crazy 8's death, Gerry tried to make up for his mistakes and end up running into Darkdevil. Darkdevil helped train Spider-Man in how to be a more effective crime fighter. He became a target by various super villains, with his only hope lying with his mother and the true Spider-Man. Jessica realized that Gerry's use of his powers was accelerating his illness, and had a fellow Spider-Woman, Julia Carpenter, contact Peter Parker. Julia informed Peter of Gerry's plight, and asked him to get the real Spider-Man to convince Gerry to seek help from Reed Richards.


Superhuman Strength: Gerry's Strength is way better then Peter Parker or May have he can break a phone with a hand so remember with his spider powers but the criminals have no match of Gerry.

  • Due to his illness, Gerry cannot have exposed breaks in his skin, or infection will set in rapidly.
  • Gerry's costume is similar to the original but with a few differences. His waist "belt" is split in two on front. His spider emblem is much larger but smaller than Ben Reilly's. The emblem's head is separate from its body.
  • his logo his the similar like alex ross spiderman.

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