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Ford served as the 38th President of the United States of America from August 1974 to January 1977. He replaced Richard Nixon who resigned as President following the Watergate Scandal. To date most of his appearances in Marvel publications should be considered topical references per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.

In-Continuity Appearances[]

Watergate Scandal[]

Ford was in the oval office when then president Richard Nixon threatened to shut down the super-hero group known as the First Line to their liaison, FBI agent Jacob Scott. This proved to be Nixon's downfall as Scott was secretly the First Line's leader Effigy, who later exposed the Watergate Scandal that led to Nixon's impeachment and Ford's succession as President of the United States.[1]

Gerald Ford late died on December 26, 2006 of cardiovascular disease.

Ford's body was later accidentally reanimated by SHIELD agent Necromancer along with former presidents Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and both John and John Quincy Adams. These undead presidents ran amok until they were put back to their final rest by mercenary Deadpool and Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange.[2]

Apocryphal Appearances[]

Ford was depicted as the president who visited Hulkbuster Base to view the facilities and see the captured Bruce Banner aka "The Hulk". Banner insulted President Ford by referring to him as "Vice President", as Ford was Richard Nixon's appointed Vice President prior to Nixon's impeachment. [3] He was depicted a the president during a televised address seen by the clone of Gwen Stacy, his image upset her because she did not recognize him as the President due to her implanted memories. [4] He is also depicted as the president during the Jester's attempts to frame Daredevil [5][6][7] Ford was depicted as the president who was mind-controlled by Nebulon to appoint him as delegate to the United Nations and kidnapped by the Headmen, but was freed by the Defenders.[8] He was also depicted as outgoing president during Howard the Duck's failed bid to be elected President of the United States. [9] Ford was lastly depicted as the recently former president by a frantic mayor of New York, who was seeking money to pay a ransom demanded by the Frightful Four who were holding the Fantastic Four hostage at the time. Although Ford was still in functions, he refused to interfere with NYC's fiscal independence.[10]



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  • This is a fictionalized version of Gerald Ford, a real historical figure.

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