Dr. Gerald Stone was a former Roxxon employee who began using small-time criminals to test a undeveloped drug after the company was shut down. One of his subjects, Styx, suffered from the drug's side-effects, and asked Stone for help.

When he was treating Styx in his lab, NYPD officers on his trail raided it. Hhe managed to escape as his lookout kid warned him. Stone and Styx arrived to one of Roxxon's old outposts, which had been taken over by the Serpent Skulls. Styx and Stone confronted the Skulls.

The scuffle caught the attention of the Young Ultimates, who fought Styx and Stone, and later of the same NYPD officers, who arrived to the scene and interrupted the fight.

They were soon ambushed by more Serpent Skulls,[1] but Stone managed to flee. As he was wandering the streets planning what to do next, Stone was killed by the Scourge.[2]


  • A weapon harness in his right shoulder. It was destroyed by the Black Widow.[1]

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