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Little is known about Geraldine Rumlow before she gained the power to redirect inertia when she was made paranormal by the effects of the White Event. It is known she was one of the first paranormals who became a patient at the Clinic for Paranormal Research, run by Philip Nolan Voigt with the goal of making paranormals a master race who would rule the world. Some time after becoming a patient, Rumlow, along with two other paranormals from her therapy group, Edward Zentner and Leland Sharp, became a headhunter for the Clinic, tasked with tracking down any escapees from the Clinic. Rumlow took the code name Vice Versa. [citation needed]

When the therapy group known as the DP7 escaped the Clinic, Rumlow and the rest of her team were the first agents sent to find them. They got the drop on the escapees in an open field and shot several of them down with trank darts. Then they moved in to take down the rest at close quarters. Rumlow was defeated, however, by Charly Beck and Jeff Walters. [citation needed]

After that unsuccesful attempt, the trio stole a police car and uniforms and tried to pull over the DP7 as they escaped in a mobile home. The DP7 realized the ruse and refused to pull over, so the headhunters attacked them with gas grenades. The DP7 forced the police car off the road using their powers and it was wrecked, though Randy O'Brien's antibody pulled them out of the wreck and checked they were okay. [citation needed]

The hunters then tried again to bring in the DP7 when they visited the home of Steph Harrington. However, Vice Versa was again beaten by Jeff Walters using her power against her. The hunters realized they would be in big trouble with Voigt for failing three times to bring in the DP7. [citation needed]

Zentner later joined the US Army to help oversee its paranormal draftees, while Sharp dodged the draft and was caught. It is unknown what happened to Rumlow. [citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


Able to reverse the direction of motion.


Vice Versa had some experience in using firearms.

Physical Strength

Normal human strength.



Vice Versa used a rifle and a pistol, which both fired tranquilizing darts.

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