Quote1.png It never occurred to me to try and merge with my own insanity. Quote2.png
-- David Haller src


'Gestalt' is not a true sub-personality like the others, instead he is more the sum of several personalities fusing with David's main persona. Created as David's mind was ravaged by the Phoenix's Shadow, several of his personalities willingly returned to David, restoring not only some of his powers, but presumably repairing some of the damage done to his psyche over the years.[citation needed]


Gestalt possesses the powers of several other of David's personalities including Tyrannix, Mycolojester, Delusionaut, Protozoan Porter, and possibly The Origamist. He may even possess more.

  • Gestalt bears some similarity to David's personality 'Legion' which accidentally created the Age of Apocalypse

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