Ghekre was the son of Alouroua (the Baoulé of West Africa's name for Buluku, the Vodu Sky Father).

He was known as the Gorilla God, god of judgment,[1] and as the Ape God.[2]

Modern Age

The Gorilla God is still worshiped by the White Gorilla Cult in the African nation of Wakanda. The dominant Panther Cult outlawed the rival White Gorilla Cult.[5]


Seemingly those of a Vodu god. He could possess shapeshifting powers as he was once seen as a giant[2] and with different colors of fur, at least white[2] or brown.[1]

  • The White Gorilla God / White Gorilla / Gorilla God was hypothesized to possibly be Thoth in his ape aspect,[4] or the ancient deity Gullah,[3][4] the gorila-god of the Picts, but was confirmed to be Ghekre.[1]
  • The White Gorilla and the Gorilla God are sometimes presented as two distinct subjects of worship in the cult of the Jabari.[4]

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