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Quote1.png Danger has never cared how old I was. Danger doesn't care about any of us. The Jackal didn't follow me home because I was licensed for heroism. He did it to hurt me. Quote2.png
Gwen Stacy

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Synopsis for "All You Wanna Do"

Web-swinging through the Manhattan of Earth-65, Ghost-Spider laments that there's no evidence that Johnny Storm and Sue Storm have super-powers... aside from someone lobbing fireballs at the thugs she's been fighting. Grousing that she doesn't like coincidences, she arrives in Washington Square Park, where Reed Richards is playing chess. Reed greets her as "Spider-Woman" and notes that it's been a while since they last met, his opponent - an older man - protesting that they're not doing anything illegal.

Reassuring the man that she's not there to police them, Ghost-Spider informs Reed that she's changed her codename, and he scolds her for not keeping in touch. Reed's opponent concedes the game and leaves, Reed noting that he was three or four moves away from victory anyway. As Ghost-Spider takes the vacated chair, Reed asks her how she found him. Gwen replies that he hasn't exactly been hiding and she's noticed him in the background of social media posts. Reed remarks that if he had been trying to hide Gwen would never have found him, Ghost-Spider noting she never wants to meet an evil incarnation of him. Reed agrees and asks Ghost-Spider what she wants, and she replies that he is aware of the existence of the Multiverse and wants to know if he's ever met another incarnation of himself. Resetting the board, Reed replies that he has and notes that not all of them are agreeable. Gwen asks if he knows about Johnny and Susan Storm; Reed noting that in most realities they're his age and close allies, and he's not sure why that's not the case in Earth-65.

As Reed remarks that it's her move, Ghost-Spider grouses that she doesn't like him being unsure and protests that she's not playing. Reed replies that she will if she wants to chat with him, Ghost-Spider acquiescing and telling Reed what's been going on with the Storm twins. Reed asks why she'd think he cares, Ghost-Spider stating it's because in most universes they're a family. As Reed reminds her that's not the case with Earth-65, Ghost-Spider asks if there's any universes where they have powers and he doesn't; Reed asking her what's going on. Ghost-Spider admits all she has is a hunch, but that it's making her uncomfortable, Reed promising to keep his eyes open and remarking that it was nice to see her again - joking that he was beginning to worry she'd forgotten about him.

Watching their conversation from his lair, the Maker - an evil incarnation of Reed Richards - angrily reprimands Gwen for getting his Earth-65 counterpart involved, and that she only has herself to blame for what's about to happen and needs to learn to leave well-enough alone.

Realizing that the conversation with Reed didn't help as much as she'd hoped, Gwen notes that so far as she knows Johnny and Sue are always good guys. Deciding to take her mind off superheroing with schoolwork, Gwen activates the Ticket to the Multiverse and warps to the Earth-616. Transforming her symbiote into civilian clothes, Gwen notes that the Storms can wait for now, and that if she gives them enough web, they're bound to end up tangling themselves. Smirking as she notes she's been thinking in spider metaphors, Gwen doesn't notice a poster for C.R.A.D.L.E..

As Gwen takes a seat in the ESU lecture hall, she notes that she doesn't understand why people find material on superhero ethics to be hard. Informing the class that Dr. Connors is unavailable, Peter Parker states that they will be reviewing the previously-covered material -- Gwen lamenting having missed those classes. Spotting her, Peter asks that she stay after class. When the class ends, Gwen walks to the front and notes that at least she's not Public Enemy Number One in Earth-616. As Gwen asks what he wants, Peter tells her to wait until all the students have left, Gwen complaining that everyone will think they're in a relationship. Agreeing on how disturbing the rumor is, Peter ignores Gwen teasing him about his age and says that he needs to have a serious talk with her.

Gwen tells him that the Jackal from Earth-616 followed her to Earth-65 and attempted to kidnap her. Horrified, Peter asks if she's alright and Gwen remarks that she got away, but is confused as to why he was so obsessed with her, telling Peter that the Jackal had murdered his Earth-65 counterpart. Peter tells Gwen that the Jackal had been obsessed with her Earth-616 counterpart and laments having not thought to warn her about him. Gwen grouses that he's her problem now, telling Peter not to blame himself for the situation. Peter warns her that the Jackal won't stop coming after her, and Gwen replies that he'll suffer for thinking she's like the Earth-616 Gwen.

As Gwen smugly states she'll be fine since she's a superhero, Peter tells her that's what he wanted to talk to her about. Confused, Gwen asks him what's going on, and Peter informs her that there was an incident with the Champions and that Ms. Marvel was hospitalized with serious injuries. As Gwen asks if Kamala is alright, Peter notes that he's not involved enough to know, but that lobbyists petitioned the government to pass the Underage Superhuman Welfare Act - a bill outlawing superheroes younger than 21. Shocked and disgusted, Gwen protests that Peter was just 15 when he got his powers. Peter attempts to calm her by saying that underaged heroes can be sponsored by an adult hero, but Gwen is only offended by his offer to chaperone her.

Gwen angrily demands to know if people aren't considered adults until they turn 21 in Earth-616, her symbiote sprouting shoulder spikes and writhing tendrils. Peter tells her that people are considered adults at 18, asking if that's not the case in Earth-65 as well. Gwen states that it is, and that 18-year-olds are able to pay taxes, own property, and get married, but that for some reason in Earth-616 they're not allowed to fight for what's right.

Peter indignantly tells Gwen he's just trying to warn her to be careful, but she fires back asking why no-one has been protesting it. Peter tells her that the law was just passed and that the superhero community is still reeling from the incident, and Gwen asks how her ex-boyfriend, Miles Morales, is holding up - noting that she knows he and Kamala are close. Peter states that he knows Miles is upset over it, but that his former protégé has been avoiding him, Gwen sniping that that's understandable and that all C.R.A.D.L.E. and the Underage Superhuman Welfare Act are going to do is get more people hurt; bitterly adding that such a law wouldn't have saved her Peter and might have gotten her father killed.

Peter lamentingly states that he's not saying the Underage Superhuman Welfare Act is right, just that it exists. Gwen asks if the adult superheroes support the law, Peter stating that some of them do. Gwen snaps that Peter had better not one of them, stating that him doing so would destroy her trust in others and belief that good people exist in the Multiverse. Peter avoids answering by stating that thus far she's mostly avoided hero activities in Earth-616 and that he needs her to keep doing so; adding that at least in her home universe she's not breaking the law by doing so.

As Gwen - who had been imprisoned in Earth-65 for her vigilantism - bitterly protests how unfair that is and that her father begrudgingly approves of her being Ghost-Spider, Peter tells her that's not how the law works. Her symbiote manifesting a jagged hood, Gwen furiously asks Peter when superheroes have ever been concerned about the upholding the law over matters of right and wrong.

Peter suggests Gwen stay in Earth-65 for the time being and that he could excuse her absence by saying she has the flu, noting that the Stark visa also has allowances for events like alien invasions or dimensional rifts. Enraged, Gwen shouts that she's not skipping school because Peter's dimension decided to be stupid. Peter attempts to calm her by saying it's understandable that parents would be worried about their kids being in danger, but Gwen retorts that doesn't excuse passing a law that says legal adults can't fight their own battles. Storming off, Gwen snaps that she won't go looking for trouble in Earth-616, but that danger has never cared about how old she was. As she mockingly asks if he's happy now, Peter despondently watches her leave.

Back in Earth-65, Ghost-Spider - her hood jagged as her symbiote resonates with her anger - furiously asks herself what Peter knows about being told he can't be a hero, sneering that while he may have been young once he's now old and out-of-touch with the world. Realizing that she can't talk to her father about it since he would wholeheartedly approve of the Underage Superhuman Welfare Act, Ghost-Spider spots a burning apartment complex and asks a nearby firefighter how bad it is. The firefighter tells her a lot of people are trapped inside, and Ghost-Spider rushes into the burning building.

Transforming into her Venom form, Ghost-Spider notes her symbiote lets her breathe through the smoke and tries to send its constituent spiders to find the trapped people, though they are incinerated. Coming across a firefighter carrying an unconscious person, Ghost-Spider begins searching the rooms - discovering a pair of children and leaping through the apartment's window to return them to their parents. Rushing back in, Ghost-Spider thinks to herself that she doesn't enjoy being a hero, but that someone has to do something, and that people need to own what they build and that she's trying to build something good. Rescuing several elderly people and a cat, Ghost-Spider is thanked by the firefighters - who say there's no way they could have saved everyone without her help - and remarks to herself that superheroes are good for something after all. Telling the firefighters to stay safe and that she needs some sleep, Ghost-Spider web-swings away.

Across the city, Sue Storm sits in a plush chair and asks Johnny if he's ready. Johnny asks if she's sure this is a good idea, but Sue brushes off his protests by saying it's a whole new world and that they're the ones who'll rule it. Activating her smartphone's video camera, Sue addresses her social media followers, Johnny joining her in the livestream. Sue tells her followers that now that they're back they're never leaving again, Johnny chiming in that things are different now. Adding that things are fantastic, Sue says that the least they can do is invite Ghost-Spider to join them for a superhero team-up as Johnny's hand bursts into flames.

Solicit Synopsis

• Rock and roll dreams come true! It’s all eyes on THE MARY JANES as Gwen takes the band on a rip-roaring multiversal concert tour!

• But not all those eyes belong to starstruck fans. There’s something symbiotic and sinister stirring in the Prime Universe – and GWENOM may have a part to play…


  • This issue establishes that Gwen Stacy is still a teenager - or at least under 21 - despite her having been 19 in Spider-Gwen and spent a year in prison in Spider-Gwen (Vol. 2).


  • Despite transforming into her Venom form, Gwen doesn't speak with the pink-and-black speech bubbles she used in Spider-Gwen (Vol. 2).

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