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Quote1.png We can play "what if" forever. I've met people who look at our whole universe as a big game of "what if." What if Gwen Stacy didn't die? What if she got super-powers instead? What if she, just once, she got to be the hero? Quote2.png
Gwen Stacy

Appearing in "Where Does the Good Go?"

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Synopsis for "Where Does the Good Go?"

Sitting on the ceiling of her bedroom wearing tattered black short-shorts and a shredded white tank-top, Gwen Stacy watches the video that Sue and Johnny Storm made inviting her to team up. Pondering the ominous sensation she gets - as though the Storms are threatening her, she wonders how she should respond and whether to make an account on the website. Dropping to the floor, Gwen examines her reflection and addresses the Venom symbiote, asking it to make her clothes less ratty in exchange for a cheeseburger. The symbiote transforms into a black T-shirt and jeans, Gwen happily promising to add fries as a bonus. As she exits her bedroom to get them a healthy breakfast, she grumbles that it's unfair how she's stuck eating healthy food when her dad was the one who had a heart attack - not noticing the symbiote has left some of its constituent spiders behind.

Downstairs, Gwen greets her father, George Stacy, and asks if he saw the news. George Stacy replies that he did and scolds her for recklessly charging into a burning building. Gwen counters that she saved a lot of people doing so and that the fire department had lost control of the blaze, irritably snapping that George's job as a cop puts him in danger all the time. George replies that her being a superhero isn't a job, Gwen retorting that he could retire with a full pension and get a job to make even more money any time he wanted before asking why he doesn't. As George replies that he made a commitment to the force, Gwen replies that she made a commitment to protecting the people of the city as well. George protests that it's not the same thing, but Gwen snaps that he became a cop when he was her age and that she's a legal adult who can make her own decisions. Continuing, Gwen states that across the Multiverse the power of the spider chose Peter Parker but on Earth-65 it chose her instead. As the symbiote resonates with her anger by spawning lashing tendrils, Gwen shouts that she's not going to be a damsel in distress and that it shouldn't matter how old she is, just that she's willing to do what's right. Transforming into her Venom form, Gwen snarls that she's doing the best she can and that people need to stop trying to stop her.

George asks Gwen to calm down, saying that he's not trying to stop her from being a hero, just that he's worried about her. Retracting the symbiote from her face, Gwen retorts that she worries about him too but would never ask him to leave the force because she knows how much being a cop means to him, stating that being Ghost-Spider means just as much to her. As George assures her that no-one is going to stop her from being a hero, Gwen decides to tell him about the Underage Superhuman Welfare Act, saying that the Peter Parker of the Prime Marvel Universe offered to sponsor her, but that she refused out of indignation and anger. Mulling this over, George states that parents worry about their children, and that this worry sometimes causes them to make mistakes; adding that he can't imagine what Kamala Khan's parents must be going through and that if anything had happened to her before he'd found out she was a superhero he would probably have done something similar. George adds that while being a superhero isn't the life he imagined for her, he's done his best to be understanding. Gwen wryly notes that being a superhero wasn't the life she'd imagined for herself either, but that they can't waste their lives dwelling on what might've happened if events had gone differently. Kissing her father goodbye, Gwen says she's going out on patrol and to check on the Bodega Bandit.

As Ghost-Spider web-swings through the city, her phone goes off and she answers to find Betty Brant on the other end. Ghost-Spider tells her friend that she's seen the Storms' video and is surprised to hear her website is blowing up with people demanding they team up. Gwen contemplates whether or not to accept the team-up offer, before deciding to do so - if only as a way to find out what's going on with them. Creating an account, Ghost-Spider poses for the camera and films herself accepting the Storms' offer - inwardly grousing that doing so is humiliating. Noting that Betty will be happy and her website will see more traffic, Gwen grumps that MJ will accuse her of being full of herself before admitting that she'd probably be right, but that nevertheless she has to keep trying to help those who need her.

Arriving at the Bodega Bandit's hospital room, Ghost-Spider opens his window and steps inside. Waking up, the Bodega Bandit is happy to see her and teases her over the irony of her breaking the law to visit him. Ghost-Spider tells him they arrested the people who'd shot him, but the Bodega Bandit is more concerned about Pine Cone - fretting that he might be eaten by a cat. Ghost-Spider assures him that she'll keep an eye out for the hamster, telling the Bodega Bandit to rest and focus on healing so she can go back to thwarting him. The Bodega Bandit cheerfully remarks he's looking forward to it, calling her his nemesis - and for once she doesn't refute this.

As Ghost-Spider web-swings across the city, noting her teachers will be mad at her for skipping school, her phone goes off again. Checking her email, she grumbles that people haven't noticed she's put her odd-jobs requests on hold and is grossed out by an offer to sponsor a dating website. Deleting the spam and junk mail, she notes that the Storms have posted a reply to her video.

At their apartment, Susan and Johnny film themselves stating that they're thrilled that Ghost-Spider has accepted their offer, but once they're done they begin bickering - Susan sneering that Johnny was acting like a slavering dog and Johnny snapping that she was trying to make the team-up a girl-power thing. Susan retorts that while Gwen is an idealist she isn't stupid, reminding him she was willing to go to prison because she felt bad about having accidentally hurt people. Johnny chimes in asking what they should do about their mother, who they had just murdered. Susan remarks that the real marble kitchen their mother was so proud of will make it a perfect crematorium. Levitating their mother's corpse with her powers, Susan asks if Johnny feels like burning something. Johnny gleefully agrees, setting his fist ablaze, and they carry their mother's corpse to the kitchen and burn it.

Later, Ghost-Spider waits at the arranged meeting spot for the Storms to arrive, noting she feels like this is a bad idea. Setting off for a lap around the block, Ghost-Spider returns to find the Storms waiting for her - Susan dressed in a bodysuit and hooded green cloak, and Johnny wreathed in flames. Ghost-Spider's symbiote reacts negatively to the heat from Johnny's flames, Susan remarking that she doesn't feel like hugging him when he's all lit-up either. Hanging upside-down, Ghost-Spider asks why they wanted to team up, and Susan replies that Ghost-Spider is practically a veteran hero while they're new to their powers and want someone to show them the ropes. Ghost-Spider remarks that there isn't a lot of supervillain activity at the moment, with most of the major players being in prison. Susan and Johnny are shocked to learn that Matt Murdock was a villain, telling Ghost-Spider that he'd been their family's lawyer for years.

With no supervillains to fight, Ghost-Spider asks if they feel up for a patrol, Johnny remarking that it sounds like fun. As Johnny asks her to call him by his first name rather than "Mister Storm," Susan tells Ghost-Spider that their father was a doctor before darkly stating they don't like doctors - having a flashback to their encounter with Doctor Doom, the dictator of Latveria. As Ghost-Spider apologizes, Johnny tries to lighten the mood by saying it's not all bad since they have superpowers now - causing Ghost-Spider to ask if they got their powers through being experimented on. Susan and Johnny change the subject, and Ghost-Spider remembers that Man-Wolf's gang has been stirring up trouble near the docks. When Ghost-Spider asks how they got their powers again, Susan replies that they'll have plenty of time for exposition later. As Ghost-Spider web-swings towards the waterfront, Susan and Johnny hang back - Johnny grousing that Ghost-Spider asks too many questions and can't be trusted, and Susan telling him not to overreact and that Ghost-Spider will be too star-struck to be suspicious of them.

Ghost-Spider perches on a shipping container, and when Johnny asks why she's just watching she tells him that they need to wait for definitive proof of illicit activity and warns him not to hurt the thugs too badly. As one of the thugs opens a shipping container to reveal a stash of drugs, Ghost-Spider leaps into action before noticing she's by herself. Irritated, she calls out to the Storms that team-ups mean they help out; Susan appearing beside her and Johnny blasting the thugs with a torrent of flame. As Susan mocks Johnny's "Flame on!" catchphrase, Ghost-Spider jokingly suggests "It's clobbering time!" and laughs when Susan groans that it's even worse. As they subdue the thugs, Susan asks what comes next and Ghost-Spider says they call the police, congratulating each other for a job well done. As the Storms fly away, Susan calls out for Ghost-Spider to DM her, Gwen retracting her mask and happily remarking that the twins are nicer than she thought they'd be.

Solicit Synopsis

• It’s an interdimensional tour for Gwen Stacy and the Mary Janes – but just as things start going right for Gwen outside of the webs, something unsettling is happening to her suit. Something GWENOMous...


  • Physical publication of this issue was temporarily canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it was instead released digitally.[1] It was later released in physical format on August 12, 2020.[2]

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