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Synopsis for "The Spider's Kiss!"

Shelob attacks Blaze in his motel room, but he fends her off with his shotgun. Outside, a sixteen wheeler tries to run over him. He reforms his motorcycle and chases after the truck. Along the way, Blaze encounters Ghost Rider.

In the city, the truck driver abducts a young woman and feeds on her. Later, Blaze finds the truck outside a diner. He goes in to investigate and finds the young woman. She pretends to be frightened, but then attacks him. She tears off her skin, and reveals Shelob's true form. Shelob traps Blaze with a web, then feeds on a waitress and puts on her skin. When Blaze escapes from her web, she flees in the truck again.

Blaze and Shelob fight on the still-moving truck. As it crosses a bridge, Ghost Rider grabs her with his chain. Blaze shoots her repeated with his hellfire shotgun, seemingly killing her.

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