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Synopsis for "Obligations"

Ghost Rider, Blaze, and survivors of the Quentin Carnival return to the campsite. They discover government soldiers and scientists have taken over the area. They find the bodies of their friends and cover them in gasoline, but retrieve Eli's body. The soldiers open fire on Ghost Rider and Blaze, until the tent explodes. Shortly after, Blaze shows Ghost Rider a key with the same symbol as his motorcycle's medallion.

Meanwhile, Vengeance is attacked by military helicopters. He destroys them, then continues searching for the heroes. He attacks Ghost Rider and Blaze as they approach Eli's cabin. Vengeance fights them until he suddenly falls through a portal created by Quinn, Eli's son.

Quinn takes Blaze to a hidden room with a box. Using the key, Blaze finds a message from Eli warning him about The Blood and the medallion. The heroes bury Eli's body and mourn.


This story takes place after Ghost Rider (Vol. 3) #39.

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