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Synopsis for "Truth is Only Skin Deep!"

Skinner kills a trucker, taking his flesh and his vehicle.

Ghost Rider finds Steel Wind and the Lilin uniting to attack Blaze. He joins the fight, causing the villains to flee. Blaze is uninterested in helping to rescue Dan's mother until he learns that Centurious is involved.

Elsewhere, Centurious and Lilith try to interrogate Mrs. Ketch about the Blood and the Medallion of Power.

Skinner tries to run over Blaze and Dan with the truck. He slashes Blaze, and fire pours out of the wounds. Ghost Rider fights and defeats Skinner.

Centurious arrives and offers to exchange Blaze and Mrs. Ketch for the medallion on Ghost Rider's motorcycle. Ghost Rider refuses and attacks, but is restrained by his own chain. The villains teleport away, and a vision of Caretaker tells Ghost Rider to find Seer.


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