Quote1.png Come on. We've got some lilin to kill. And Centurious and his people are going to pay for what they did to me. Pay in a big way! Quote2.png
-- John Blaze

Appearing in "Trials By Fire!"

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Synopsis for "Trials By Fire!"

Ghost Rider brings Blaze's wounded body to Quinn's cabin. Quinn says he can help Blaze and contain the hellfire.

It is revealed that after their last battle [1], Vengeance was teleported to a mountain location. He fights a group of monks there, but finally escapes.

At Cypress Hills Cemetery, Centurious wraps his arms with Ghost Rider's chain and plunges them into a fire.

Back at the cabin, Quinn continues to operate on Blaze. He explains that the shotgun was just a conduit for the hellfire in Blaze's body. Blaze also has a piece of the Medallion of Power embedded in him.

Vengeance attacks the Quentin Carnival members inside the cabin, then fights Ghost Rider outside. Blaze revives with new metallic armor, and shoots Vengeance repeatedly. Vengeance transforms back to his human form and finally reveals his identity as NYPD Lt. Michael Badilino.

After the heroes leave, Caretaker finds Badilino and sends him to the Cemetery.


This story occurs after Ghost Rider Vol 3 #42 and continues in Ghost Rider Vol 3 #43.

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