Quote1.png Fine. Dan... he's your brother! Quote2.png
-- Caretaker to John Blaze

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Synopsis for "Zarathos"

Zarathos is confused and angry. He fires an energy blast into the cemetery, but falls to his knees. The heroes take the opportunity to leave.

At the Nightclub, Seer and Clara psychically sense Zarathos and scream.

Lilith approaches Zarathos. Centurious climbs up from the ground and asks for her help. Lilith rejects him because of his defeat, and Pilgrim slashes him.

Caretaker leads Ghost Rider, Blaze, and Vengeance to the Nightclub. With Seer, he continues telling the history of the Medallion of Power. He explains that Mephisto transformed Blaze into the original Ghost Rider in order to reunite the Medallion pieces. Blaze later went on to attack Michael's father with hellfire. After the elder Badilino killed his daughter and himself, their two pieces of the medallion transferred to Michael. Meanwhile, after Barbara Ketch was murdered, her piece went to Dan.

Back at the cemetery, Lilith convinces the amnesiac Zarathos that she is his mother. Centurious tries to blast them all, but Zarathos launches him away. Ghost Rider, Blaze, and Vengeance emerge and attack Zarathos themselves. Caretaker insists that all three cannot be allowed to use the Medallion together, but Ghost Rider should be able to alone. Ghost Rider blasts Zarathos and the Lilin into a fissure in the ground and seals them.

Finally, Caretaker reveals that Blaze and Dan are brothers. They had been separated at birth to keep Blaze's piece of the Medallion away from Barbara's.


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