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Synopsis for "Picking Up the Pieces"

Johnny Blaze, now in his cyborg form and operating as a one-man special forces strike team, infiltrates a government facility where the information gathered after the government cleaned up the battle at Quentin Carnival (in issues #9-10) is being held, which Blaze wants to delete. Inside, with the authorities in pursuit, Blaze encounters the ghosts of many of his friend who died there; they tell him deleting the data isn’t enough, because the government is also keeping the bodies of several of Centurious’s Stygian demons, along with the body of Steel Wind [see below on this continuity error].

Blaze finds the demons and prepares to destroy them, when several scientists attack him. Blaze fights back and in the battle the demons are accidentally freed. Blaze kills them before they escape. He finds Steel Wind’s badly damaged body; she begs him to kill her, but he relents and saves her instead, vowing to help her.


Steel Wind's appearance in this issue contradicts the fact that she was depicted alive and well and fully intact, during the Road to Vengeance saga in Ghost Rider #41-42.

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