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Synopsis for "An Ending"

Blaze is still angry after the death of his wife and the disappearance of this children. He tries to locate Craig and Emma using Clara's psychic powers, but fails again. Instead, he learns that Centurious is still alive. Blaze runs into Steel Wind outside, and lashes out at Centurious' former minion before leaving.

Meanwhile, Centurious sits with his current henchmen. He drains the life force from a victim, and sends two demons to find more. Witch Woman warns him that Blaze is on the way.

Blaze searches the sewers beneath Wall Street, while Steel Wind secretly follows him. The demons capture Blaze and bring him to Centurious. Steel Wind interrupts and blasts Centurious before he can kill Blaze. After a fight ensues, Centurious is pinned beneath rubble. Steel Wind prepares to kill him, but Blaze talks her down and convinces her to hold onto her humanity. After she leaves, Blaze shoots and kills Centurious himself.

The next day, Blaze and the Carnival members leave a rose at Roxanne's grave and say goodbye to her.


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