Quote1 Ghost Rider! You let Spider-Man escape my grasp! For that you will die! Quote2
-- Venom

Appearing in "Spirits of Venom, Part 4 of 4: Last Rites"

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Synopsis for "Spirits of Venom, Part 4 of 4: Last Rites"

Venom tangles with GR & Blaze. The Pennance stare has an adverse effect on GR when used on Venom. The Trio are caught by the deathspawn. Meanwhile at the Carnival ,Clara Menninger's vision of despair gets worse. Spider-Man hands off Hobgoblin to a Guardsman, and informs him of more villains underground. Spidey goes after Hag & Troll who have Venom,Blaze,& GR in bondage and attempt to revive Deathwatch. A big fight ensues. The whole situation gets resolved and Spider-Man goes his separate way.


  • The cover featuring Venom with GR's head and chain, along with Blaze's gun, is a concept only and does not actually happen within the story, despite Venom saying he would remove GR's head. The iconic image which was also edited for fleer's 1995 trading cards, suggests Venom killed them both.


  • Venom & Spider-Man clash with Demogoblin and Doppelganger again in the Maximum Carnage arc the following summer.

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