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Synopsis for "Carnival of Death" Part I

A shadowy figure punishes and kills Steel Vengeance for failing him. He orders Steel Wind to return to the Carnival and capture Blaze.

Ghost Rider and Blaze arrive back at the Carnival. They find the members recovering from Steel Wind's previous attack. They learn that Eli is making weapons for them, and demons are still lurking around the town. Ghost Rider and Blaze notice that Timmy is missing, and offer to find him.

Another shadowy figure meets with Mephisto. He sells his soul for the chance to destroy Ghost Rider. Mephisto transforms him into a demon called Vengeance.

Steel Wind uses Styge's eye to magically double the number of demons in the area. Ghost Rider and Blaze rescue Timmy from some of them. Rushing back to the Carnival, they find Steel Wind and the demons attacking.

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