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Appearing in "Part 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Caleb (Death) (Resurrection) (First appearance as Ghost Rider)


  • Reagan's Gang
    • Lemuel Coulter (Death) (Main story and flashback)
    • Refus Coulter (Death) (Main story and flashback)
    • George Reagan (Only in flashback)
    • Dragwells (Main story and flashback) (Death)
    • Holly Finlay and his Boy (Only in flashback)
    • Banjo (Only in flashback)
    • Nightshade (Only in flashback)
    • Sergeant Billy (Only in flashback)

Other Characters:

  • God (Invoked)
  • Esther (Death)
  • Jacob (Death)
  • Joseph (Death)
  • Sheireff Robert Pepper
  • David Pepper (the Sherieffs Nephew)
  • Kiowa (Mentioned)
  • Apache (Mentioned)

Races & Species:


Synopsis for "Part 2"

There has always been a Spirit of Vengeance. Before Johnny Blaze, before Danny Ketch, there was Travis Parham. As a lieutenant in the Confederate Army, Parham thought he’d gotten a full view of the darkness in men’s souls. He was wrong. Someone did something terrible to his friend Caleb, and Parham’s ready to ride through hell to find out who did it. Which is a good thing -- ‘cause he’s gonna have to. Up from the depths comes a force of nature that transcends his wildest dreams -- a fiery wraith that knows a thing or two about evil and even more about vengeance.

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