When a horde of zombies came to town looking to consume every living being who lived there, one individual rose to the occasion and put himself in harm's way. The Ghost Rider was there, and this particular Spirit of Vengeance didn't take too kindly to having his favorite singer/songwriter interrupted on the jukebox. After smashing the first zombie in the mouth, this Ghost Rider was ready to give each and every undead cannibal a taste of his Penance Fist.


It can be assumed this Spirit of Vengeance had all the same powers and abilities as all the other Ghost Riders, but this particular individual employed a penance ability.

  • Penance Fist: He possesses an ability where he can inflict penance simply by his fist. Whether or not this affected his victims in the same way as a Penance Stare did has yet to be revealed.


This former Ghost Rider used a weapon similar to brass knuckles, but whether or not it had mystical properties has yet to be revealed

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