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A group of doctors illegally operate on Ebenezer Laughton; he wakes up and slays all of them. A week later, the NYPD is assessing a hostage situation when Ghost Rider bursts into the building and takes them all down. The police follow, opening fire on GR on Capt. Dolan’s orders. Wondering why they fear him so much, GR leaves. The next day Danny Ketch learns that Ghost Rider’s presence caused an old man to have a heart attack, and lashes out in anger at Stacey, who doesn’t understand why he would defend Ghost Rider, a known criminal.

At the police station, the commissioner demands that Captain Dolan put aside his hunt for Ghost Rider and concentrate on Scarecrow who has gone on a killing spree. Meanwhile, a totally insane Scarecrow sics his crows on another pair of victims; he says all his recent killings are intended as a message for Captain America. After he kills them with his pitchfork Stacey Dolan and another officer open fire on him, but his power soon takes effect and they are overcome with fear. Scarecrow kills one of them, and abducts Stacey Dolan, talking to her as if she is his mother.

Elsewhere, some unidentified men resuscitate the only surviving doctor who worked on Ebenezer Laughton earlier, saying they want answers about him. They learn that the operation was a success; Scarecrow now produces fear-generating pheromones, and is much stronger than previously. Their leader says to find him, because Scarecrow should now be working for him since he paid for the operation.

Later as the police find “O Captain my captain” written in blood on the police car door, Captain America arrives and says he believes the message was for him. He recounts what is known about the Scarecrow’s past, saying he believes his father fixation has been transferred to Cap. Suddenly they see Ghost Rider watching from a rooftop; Cap quickly scales the building to confront him. Cap says he knows he’s not a killer. GR says he himself isn’t exactly sure what motivates him and where his powers come from. As the cops move in to take him down, GR asks Cap to help him find Scarecrow; Cap agrees and they ride off together as the cops swarm the rooftop.

Elsewhere, Scarecrow has tied Stacey Dolan to a cross, still mistaking her for his mother, and says she need not be afraid anymore. Captain America and Ghost Rider follow his flock of crows to a Brooklyn Heights brownstone. Cap faces him directly and is startled by his new strength and fear-inducing powers. He is almost overpowered before Ghost Rider snags Scarecrow and continues the fight on the roof. But seeing Cap below he wriggles down the chimney to stop him from freeing Stacey Dolan. Captain Dolan arrives and goes inside, only to find dozens of bodies that Scarecrow has murdered. Cap narrowly saves him from being killed. Ghost Rider finds Stacey first and battles Scarecrow again, beating him down but refusing to kill him. They find Stacey still alive, and free her just as Scarecrow attacks again. Stacey shoots him, but he escapes out a window – only to impale himself on the fence below.

Later, Danny Ketch visits his sister’s grave, saying he’s become like the Scarecrow in that he’s been shedding his fears. The Scarecrow himself, meanwhile, revives and lifts himself off the fence. He is met by Stern, the man who paid for his operation. Stern says he works for the Firm now, and there is much more fear to be set free.

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