Quote1 Hi, Dad. Long time no see. Quote2
-- Ghost Rider 2099

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Synopsis for "Prodigal Son"

Ghost Rider 2099 confronts his father, Harrison Chochrane, with whom he harbors resentment and hostility for throwing him out of the house when he was younger, allowing his mother, Shinobu Cochrane, to get addicted to 3V, and bowing down to authority in stark contrast to his own anti-establishment beliefs. Despite his anger with his father, Kenshiro believes he has no one else to go to with his feelings of alienation and angst. Kenshiro is conflicted with his current identity as a law-enforcement officer and the anarchic ways of his youth, especially since his new occupation puts him at odds with his old friends. It is revealed in this conversation that Kenshiro had a surrogate mother. Unbeknownst to both of them, Ghostworks is monitoring the entire conversation.

Meanwhile, Willis Adams visits Anesthesia Jones at Bar Code in Little Calcutta to request an unrevealed favor.

During this time, the reader is introduced to Killer Babes cabaret, where Maggie Megaton, the Nuclear Bombshell, just completes her set. Heartbreaker talks with her co-worker Phashion, who is shocked to see the ruin of Heartbreaker's face.

In the meantime, Kabal organizes Coda, Ice 9, Neurodancer, and Warp Angel to steal suppressed twentieth-century technology from the Vault of Forbidden Science. In Kabal's holochamber describing the theft of the location, the location appears to have Captain America's shield, a Fantasti-Car, an Iron Man armor, and an Ultron robot.

At the same time, believing it is a valuable Ghostworks code, a hacker unwittingly releases L-Cypher from imprisonment, who then takes control of Thrillsville.

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