Quote1 All right, I'm here. But get this straight -- I don't work for SHIELD -- and I don't take orders. Quote2
-- Ghost Rider 2099

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Synopsis for "Chthonic Park"

Ghost Rider 2099 arrives at Thrillsville, which had been overtaken by L-Cypher. After Ghost Rider debriefs with SHIELD, he enters Thrillsville and is confronted by Cyberus, a demonic, three-headed canine creature who guards the entrance (a clear analogue to Cerberus). After Ghost Rider defeats Cyberus, he realizes Cyberus is a programmed solidogram, which makes him think that Ghostworks is somehow related to this takeover of Thrillsville. Unbeknownst to Ghost Rider, Ghostworks is monitoring the situation. L-Cypher is also watching Ghost Rider's moves in Thrillsville and it preparing his defenses, by transforming five citizens into his Archfiends: Misery, Pyre, Reaper, Serpentine, and Shambler.

Meanwhile, with Neurodancer's help, Coda, Ice 9, and Warp Angel break into the Vault of Forbidden Science, a repository of technology too dangerous to exist and too valuable to destory, including Captain America's shield and an Iron Man Armor. They have a list of items to steal for Kabal, but their break-in awakened the Vault's Keeper, who then alerted the Cybertek Mark Nine Demolishers. A fight ensues, monitored by Kabal and Neurodancer.

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