Quote1 Verminousss cretin! You will sspend eternity burning in the firesss of your own sshrieking -- -- impaled on the barbsss of my laughter! Quote2
-- Serpentine

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Synopsis for "Hell on Earth"

SHIELD continues to watch over the L-Cypher-controlled Thrillsville, guarding the outside of the building from prying reporters. Inside Thrillsville, Ghost Rider 2099 battles L-Cypher's Archfiends: Misery, Pyre, Reaper, Serpentine, and Shambler. Ghost Rider is defeated and brought before L-Cypher.

Meanwhile, inside the Vault of Forbidden Science, Coda, Ice 9, and Warp Angel continue to fight the Cybertek Mark Nine Demolishers and the Vault's Keeper. After stealing what Kabal hired them for, they transport out of the Vault and back to Kabal and Neurodancer, where they turn over their stolen goods, including Adamantium resin. The Vault's Keeper informs Dyson Kellerman at D/Monix about the security breach, who realizes the chip Doom implanted in his brain has its limitations.

At the same time, Heartbreaker sneaks into SHIELD Penal Center #331, a maximum-security facility for Transverse City's most dangerous criminals. After killing a SHIELD guard, she opens Max Synergy's cell and appears to kill him.

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