Ghost Rider Assassination League

Ghost Rider Assassination League (Earth-616) from Ghost Riders Heaven's on Fire Vol 1 2 001
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Ghost Rider Assassination League[1][2]
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Formerly Blackout
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Formerly Scarecrow's Crows, Zadkiel, Zombie Bikers


The Ghost Rider Assassination League was a group of villains gathered by Blackout under the order of Zadkiel to kill the Ghost Riders Johnny Blaze and Daniel Ketch.[3]

The group came to an end after they failed to prevent Zadkiel's defeat by the hands of the Ghost Riders.[4]


Transportation: Big Wheel, Orb's Motorcycle, Vengeance's Motorcycle
Weapons: Deacon's Knives, Madcap's Bubble Gun, Scarecrow's Pitchfork

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