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Quote1.png It is done! Linda Littletree lives no more! And now, still possessing all of my Hell-spawned powers, I, Satan, am free to roam the Earth in her body! Quote2.png
Satan possessing Witch-Woman

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Synopsis for "A Woman Possessed!"

As Daimon Hellstrom visits his mother's grave, John Blaze races across the Arizona desert to check on Roxanne in the hospital, however Blaze wipes out and gets in an accident and lands himself in a hospital bed. Meanwhile, Sam Silvercloud and Snake Dance recover the near comatose Witch Woman to find her still possessed by Satan. They call in Daimon Hellstorm to help out with his paranormal expertise. However, after the call, Witch-Woman revives and walks out searching for John Blaze.

While at the hospital, Roxanne is visited by Bart who demands to make the Copperhead Canyon jump, and when both learn that Johnny is injured in the hospital that prevents any further argument. While Bart prepares for the jump, night falls and Johnny awakens becoming the Ghost Rider. He arrives at Copperhead Canyon just as Bart is making the jump, however Bart doesn't make it and is killed in the crash. The police then spot him, he then takes Roxanne and flees into the desert in a truck. While elsewhere, Witch Woman arrives at the hospital to find that John is gone, and Hellstrom arrives at Snake Dancer's home to find that he is too late and Witch Woman has left before he could arrive.


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A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

Characters in this story also appear in other stories between this issue. The affected characters are:
Sam Silvercloud

Witch-Woman (Linda Littletrees)

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