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Quote1.png The hatred that drove me in life intensified in death, Johnny Blaze. You not only took everything I had worked for from me, you took my life itself! And that is why I've come back from the grave, Johnny Blaze. To kill you! Quote2.png
The Orb

Appearing in "A Specter Stalks the Soundstage!"

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Synopsis for "A Specter Stalks the Soundstage!"

After a near accident on the set, the crew on the Dezlany studio lot suddenly go berserk and attack Johnny and Stuntmaster. It appears that they are under the thrall of the Orb, who is apparently haunting Johnny from beyond the grave. With the help of Katy and Karen they manage to reverse the Orb's control over everyone. When Johnny tries to get close to Karen, she pushes him away, due to her issues with Matt Murdock.

Going with Katy to visit Wendy and Richard Pini, the special effects artists on the set, they are attacked by another pawn of the Orb, who Johnny defeats as the Ghost Rider. Not feeling much like taking a tour of the studio anymore, Johnny decides to do Katy's errand to UCLA for her. While out there, he gets involved in the formation of the Champions (which is a story not told in this issue but rather Champions #1) Following that adventure, Johnny resumes his job doing stunts for the Stuntmaster show. During a stunt where he has to save Katy Milner from a fire, Johnny changes into Ghost Rider and realizes that he's in the sights of a gun being held by Karen Page, who is under the control of the Orb.


  • This story is reprinted in trade paperback.[1]


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