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Synopsis for "Vengeance on the Ventura Freeway!"

Under the Orb's influence, Karen Page tries to take a shot at the Ghost Rider, but wounds Katy Milner instead. The Orb then flees with Karen Page in tow. Ghost Rider bolts after them, with "Coot" and Stuntmaster following behind.

While in the accounting files, Cosgrove, finds that there are a lot of financial inconsistencies and comes to the conclusion that "Coot" Collier is hiding something. Chasing the Orb takes everyone to the Ventura Highway. There Johnny manages to free Karen, and fight the Orb off his bike. Unmasking him he turns out to be alive and well, and only horribly scarred from their last encounter.

About to beat the Orb to death for all the grief he's caused, Johnny is talked out of it by his "friend", who tells him to be merciful. Meanwhile, at the hospital where Katy has been taken, the doctors are shocked to find that she has been possessed by demons calling themselves the Possessors.


  • This story is reprinted in trade paperback.[1]

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  1. Marvel Essentials: Ghost Rider, Volume 1

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