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Synopsis for "Blood in the Waters"

Needing some time away, Johnny travels to Mexico to think about the direction his life is taking. There he is almost shot by Frank Phillips, a former CIA agent who has a major hate for Dolphins. Furious that his bike is damaged, Johnny goes up to Frank's home to find him smacking his daughter Nancy and breaks it up.

Frank's frenzy momentarily abated, he allows Johnny to use tools to fix his bike. Curious about the goings on here, he talks to Nancy who tells him that her father came to Mexico to learn how smart dolphins really were and if they could be explosive carriers for the CIA. When Nancy fell into the ocean and Frank mistook the dolphin he set with a charge for a shark he fired at it causing an explosion which resulted in Nancy's mother being lost at sea. Her father would grow to hate dolphins and blame them for his wife's death.

Hearing Frank firing at dolphins again, Johnny races out to the boat and tries to stop them. The scuffle lands them in the water and they are attacked by a shark, which Johnny fights off as the Ghost Rider. The two are then helped ashore by the dolphins. When they have recovered, Frank realizes the errors of his ways and wonders if the dolphins are able to hear his apologies.


  • This story is reprinted in trade paperback.[1]

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  1. Marvel Essentials: Ghost Rider, Volume 1

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